Look to the stars with the Star Turnabout stamp set. With 1-4 ink colors and four turns of the paper, you'll have a starry masterpiece even Mr. Van Gogh would envy! This Turnabout is also unique in that the middle section of the stamp can be removed to create a circular border of stars or used on its own as a mini Turnabout stamp.

Pack includes alignment aid (6x6" or 15.2x15.2 cm) and 2 individual stamps:

- Two turnabout stamps with different sized stars and dots (approximately 5.5 x 5.5" or 14 x 14 cm and 3.5 x 3.75" or 8.5 x 9.5 cm)

Note: the Turnabout Jig is not included and is sold separately!

How to use Turnabout stamps:

- Remove the contents of the pack and make sure the Alignment Aid has "This Side Up" at the top and is not upside down.

- Next, remove the stamp from the backing sheet and align the design with the artwork on the Aid. Make sure you put the side you wish to ink up face down on the Aid.

- Put the Turnabout Jig in your stamping tool and line up the "X" of the Alignment Aid with the "X" of the Jig.

- Close your stamping tool and remove the Aligment Aid.

- Stick your card stock with temporary adhesive to your Jig (you can use the registration marks present to determine the exact position of your A2 sized card portrait or landscape).

- Ink up your stamp in the first color you wish to use. Stamp down and carefully pull back up.

- Now, turn the Jig 90 degrees (so it says 2 in the top right corner) and ink up your stamp again (in a different color to achieve best effect). Repeat this step until you have gone all the way round.

When you are finished, remove the card stock from the Jig and clean the tool. It is made of durable plastic, so should last you a long time! Be careful not to heat emboss directly on the Jig and remove your card stock before embossing!

The back of the packaging shows how it looks after each turn. Check out Concord & 9th for instructional videos.

Concord and 9th - Star Turnabout

  • Brand: Concord and 9th
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  • € 20.00

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