About Us

Hi! We are Yannick and Jolien, both 33 years old, and we are the Card Nouveau team. Born and raised Limburgers (Belgium) living in beautiful Bilzen. We have been a couple since high school (16 years and counting) and have been married for 3 years now!

Yannick’s hobbies are reading, running and food. You can serve him the most bizarre dishes and he will devour them nevertheless! Jolien is a paper crafter, which started with an interest in origami and then expanded to the wonderful world of card making. As a couple, we love traveling and have a fondness for East Asia, particularly Japan and South Korea. The culture, people, food, and of course the stationery and craft supplies!

Card Nouveau started from Jolien’s hobby and passion for paper craft. The idea behind the online shop is fairly simple: offering hard-to-find craft items to the European market. Together, we further built upon this idea and Card Nouveau was born. For the website and packaging, we sought inspiration in Japan to arrive at a sober yet elegant branding. We also incorporated Jolien’s love for butterflies into our abstract but recognizable logo. We are currently running the shop in our spare time and from our apartment. Jolien curates the assortment (maybe not the best idea, everything is so cute and seems essential to have!), is the social media manager and hand-writes the thank-you-notes. Yannick mostly manages the business side, is the IT guy on call and the logistics liaison. The remaining work is divided fairly between the both of us.

In the long term, we aim to become a one-stop-shop for all your paper and paper-crafting needs. We aim to offer an excellent and approachable service and are always open to feedback and suggestions. Please join our Facebook group Card Nouveau Crafters and stay updated on assortment expansions, product reviews, and share your creations!