This set is geared towards recognizing all of the bold, proud, outspoken friends you love, cherish, and occasionally tease. Your unique friendships deserve a unique approach for celebrating them and this set it the perfect option for doing so. You're awesome, your friends are awesome, we're all awesome — embrace it!

This 4 x 8 inch (10 x 20.3 cm) stamp set has 8 clear stamps:

  • You Are Not Normal and I Love It
  • You’re My Sidekick for Life
  • Isn’t it amazing that we both have such an awesome friend?
  • I Really Miss You, but Probably Not as Much as You Miss Me Because I’m Totally Awesome
  • I Love You Even When You’re Hangry
  • What I Like Most About Our Friendship Is That It’s Largely Based on Inappropriate Conversations and Inside Jokes
  • If I Know One Thing for Sure, It’s That We Excel at Hanging Out
  • We’ve Been Friends for So Long I’ve Forgotten Which One of Us Is the Bad Influence. (It’s Probably You)

My Favorite Things - Sassy Pants Best Friends

  • € 19.99

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